The newest Close Envy just like the Multidimensional Create: A survey to your Italian Brief Brand of the brand new Multidimensional Envy Measure

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The newest Close Envy just like the Multidimensional Create: A survey to your Italian Brief Brand of the brand new Multidimensional Envy Measure
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The newest Close Envy just like the Multidimensional Create: A survey to your Italian Brief Brand of the brand new Multidimensional Envy Measure


Romantic envy is a complex create consisting of several dimensions. Because of the multidimensional characteristics off close jealousy, it will be good for has a dimension measure that would account fully for its several components.


The newest tries of the introduce analysis was to supply the Italian variation of the Quick Kind of the Multidimensional Envy Size (SF-MJS – Elphinson, Feeney & Noller, 2011) verifying the factorial framework, precision, and you can predictive legitimacy. Eventually, intercourse differences in this new forest fundamental dimensions of romantic jealousy- cognitive, psychological and you can behavioral- were browsed.


361 players (168 men and 193 lady), aged 20 to help you 40 (Meters = ; SD = 4.99) had been hired. An excellent confirmatory foundation analyses (CFA) are did to check the latest multidimensional structure of one’s scale. Cronbach’s leader coefficient was applied to ensure the newest reliability. The new predictive legitimacy is analyzed investigating relationships between different proportions of the romantic envy and you may vulnerable personal attachment. Multivariate analysis away from difference (MANOVA) was used in order to make sure intercourse differences.


Confirmatory basis analyses confirmed the three-factor construction, supporting the presence ones collection of latent constructs, evaluating cognitive, mental and you may behavioral areas of personal envy. The inner structure coefficients was basically satisfactory for your around three activities of measure, and you will ranged from .80 to .85. Uniform evidence supported the new predictive validity of the ISF-MJS. Extreme gender variations was registered.


New ISF-MJS comprises an established instrument having calculating close envy about Italian context. Limitations, benefits, and additional growth of the present analysis is discussed.


Jealousy is short for perhaps one of the most effective behavioral reasons during lifestyle. It is a beneficial common emotional feeling that happens in every intimate dating, as well as people with parents, siblings, family relations, personal partners, and so on. In this article we discuss a specific particular envy, the one that takes place in close relationship.

White outlined close jealousy given that “a transformative and complex emotional declare that employs – having thoughts, steps and thoughts – risks so you can mind-respect or even to the fresh new existence (or top quality) of the matchmaking. Men and women threats is produced by effect out of a genuine or potential romantic appeal between an individual’s partner and a great (possibly imaginary) rival” [ 1, p . 296]. Indeed, envy are elicited from the a comparatively many preferred or terrifically boring correspondence-transform. For-instance, particular authors confirmed that food or sipping which have some body is likely to stimulate envy more than much more remarkable and less popular affairs, such getting into intercourse, Writers hypothesize this particular is mainly because someone see commensality due to the fact a keen telecommunications that requires a mix of bodily and you will mental exchanges [ dos ].

Additionally, increasing on the Lazarus and you can colleagues’ manage coping processes [ 3 , 4 ], White claims you to definitely jealousy try a complicated emotion one to starts inside emotional and you will cognitive processes associated with the fresh new assessment of a risk impression. The initial step of investigations is created into a set regarding Primary Appraisal parameters (PAs) that can dictate the person perception about the a real or fictional danger so you’re able to thinking-respect or even to this new lifestyle otherwise quality of a love. Secondary Assessment variables (SAs) was dealing processes set up to reduce the brand new threats, like emotional reactions (ERs) doing work in jealousy. These reactions is characterized by several negative thoughts, such frustration, sadness and you can worry, and also to different says of perception, such as for example guilt, anxiety, bitterness, and also guilt Strapon dating service [ 5 , 6 ]. The last part of the whole techniques ‘s the enactment off Coping Behaviors (CBs) that lead into last lead [ step one ]. Put another way, White showcased this new multidimensionality of your own intimate envy create while the written by about three fundamental dimensions, psychological, intellectual, and you can behavioral, that happen to be after that verified by the almost every other authors [ eight – 9 ].

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