The second nights, Sarah gets a text off John claiming they are around and wants to see the lady

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The second nights, Sarah gets a text off John claiming they are around and wants to see the lady
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The second nights, Sarah gets a text off John claiming they are around and wants to see the lady

It arrange an event from the playground. She messages Draw saying that John has returned in town. Not familiar to the woman, parece, checks out the words and concerns arrest John. John and you will Sarah explore the relationship, and just how the woman is struggling with the complete condition, and conveys their wish for John to show himself for the and tell the authorities he’s not a radical. She suspects you to John are cheat for her having Six whenever he does not want to need the girl having your. She gets texts of Mark caution one to their father try coming on her behalf and John. Whenever John asks who is texting, Sarah states it is the girl buddy Emily. Sam will come and you may tells John which they is to get-off. FBI additionally the police descend on them and stop John and you can Sam. Sarah is taken away and you can interrogated for three instances regarding regional police station.

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Draw selections her up when she’s in the long run freed. She informs you to definitely Representatives Walker, Noto, and somebody entitled Purdy interrogated the girl and you will took aside the woman phone. She says that she actually is maybe not supposed to get-off city and you can she is with the No Travel record. She claims that they detained John and you will Sam and you will believes they try her blame. Draw tells that their dad see their text message off this lady which will be the police realized one John is actually right back in town. He apologizes in order to this lady. She says that the FBI is probably seeing the woman and she must have warned John. Draw shares their concept one John are held about Dumont FBI facility. Sarah really wants to wade here and you will identify by herself however, Mark declines. He states they won’t have the ability to hold John for long and you will reassures the woman towards fact that Half dozen is still totally free and will need certainly to help save John. Draw drops the woman regarding in the the woman household. She lies to help you their mothers stating that she try aside previous her curfew and you will got mixed up in John Smith’s arrest. One to exact same night she gets a contact out-of fled of Dumont.

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The second Saturday she and you may is the reason mom, calculating she possess seen one thing. No one is domestic and they pick proof the fight regarding the backyard. She notices a car idling in the future. She and Draw drive aside while the automobile chases them. The auto narrowly misses showing up in truck. Sarah thinks anyone who is actually driving the vehicle just planned to frighten her or him out. They force away to college. You to exact same nights Sarah happens destroyed. She will not return home out of school.

Detainment from inside the Dulce [ ]

Sarah try drawn captive from the FBI, that happen to be coping with the fresh Mogadorians, who are promoting these with guns in return for the assist search the fresh Garde. Sarah is punished for information and that’s obligated to let them know that which you she understands. One day Setrakus Ra visits her and you can transforms himself into the John using his wonderful cane. Sarah attempts to strike your, but Ra moves her very first, hurting this lady. At any given time, Sam is placed from inside the a cellular along with her just before getting drawn off to several other the main legs. Then, Half dozen try thrown regarding the telephone together. Six informs this lady you to definitely she noticed Setrakus Ra changes to your her. Sarah states she got seen it before and you may requires if John is secure. She states it parted implies and you may requires if this are this lady who aided FBI get John. She states it wasn’t their. Six amenities Sarah from the informing their a story about John and you will the girl while the infants on the ship. Walker involves the latest phone and you will guides her off to battle Setrakus Ra when you’re Sarah are left by yourself throughout the phone.

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